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We’re combining the knowledge I’ve passed on to thousands of traders with direct support and feedback to level up your trading growth.

Final Live Mastermind Launching Soon!
Kicking Off Ealry-November

"I’m so happy I faced my fears and finally joined the course Profit Over Everything. I’ve learned so much, and I’ve even met my goal of making $5k a month! I’m so proud of myself, and it’s all thanks to my Mentor Alex Santi! Can’t wait to meet my next goal of $10k a month! Let’s do this!"

Lisa Abrew

Introducing the 4-Week Live Mastermind

Phase 1: Establishing Foundation with Live Curriculum Classes

These classes will cover essential topics such as market fundamentals, technical analysis, risk management, and trading psychology. Led by Alex Santi himself. By the end of Phase 1, attendees will have built a strong foundation upon which they can confidently base their trading decisions.

Phase 2: Applying What We’ve Learned with Live Trading Sessions

Phase 2 marks an exciting transition from information to practice. These sessions will provide a hands-on experience in applying the principles and techniques covered earlier. Students will have the chance to witness real-time market analysis, strategy implementation, and decision-making processes.

Phase 3: Continued Improvement & Growth

The journey doesn't end with Phase 2; rather, it transforms into a lifelong commitment to improvement and growth. This phase focuses on ongoing support through advanced workshops, personalized coaching, and peer collaboration.

The Breakdown

Private Community

You can consider this community a part of our inner circle. It’ll be a close-knit community designed only with the best of the best traders to help you level up your trading.

Dedicated Personalized Help

You’ll get to ask us questions and receive help on your trading performance. We’ve created a support ticketing system inside our community that way you receive personalized help from us for any obstacles you face.

Continued Education

Once the Mastermind is complete that doesn't mean education is. We’ll be continuously following up with you on weekly check-in sessions to make sure you’re on track to reach your trading goals.

Mastermind Schedule Timeline

Student Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. See what our students are saying about us.


The Exclusive Live Mastermind

One-Time Payment
4-Weeks of Live Classes
4-Weeks of Live Trading
Access to Private Community
Dedicated 1:1 Support
Continued Education - Weekly Check-In
50K Funded account
1 Project Per Month
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1 Project Per Month
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1 Project Per Month
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Mastermind last?

The Mastermind lasts for a total of 8-Weeks (4-Weeks of Live Classes) & (4-Weeks of Live Trading).

What level of experience with trading do I need to have?

The Mastermind is designed for a trader at any stage of their journey. If you’re an absolute beginner and have no knowledge of trading at all we’ll provide you with a few resources before the Accelerator starts to get you up to speed.

What times are the Live Sessions hosted?

All live sessions for the Mastermind will be hosted at 8 PM EST.

Will the Live Sessions/Classes be recorded?

Yes, all of the live sessions will be recorded for you to keep and revisit.

How does the application process work?

In order for you to join the Mastermind you’ll need to submit your application first. If your application is accepted you’ll be given the opportunity to enroll on the launch date.

When can I find out if my application is accepted or denied?

We’ll notify you before the launch of the Mastermind if your application has been accepted or denied.

What is to investment required to join the Mastermind?

In order to complete registration the investment required is $2,997. (Keep in mind you can only register IF your application is accepted).